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In the design space, the frame is, in essence, a combination of sculpture and architecture.  It is an extension of a work of art, fusing the piece with its surroundings.  Matisse described the four sides of the frame as, “the most important part of the picture.”   The frame can draw attention to the entire piece or a specific element within.


The earliest discovered frame designs, thought to have hung in Egyptian homes, date back to the 2nd century A.D. Though, it would be the twelfth and thirteenth century before the frames we recognize today would come into fashion.  In the hospitality design space, we see frames portraying a variety of art; flat, dimensional, and digital.  With such an array of subject matter to fit within the frame, skilled fabrication becomes vital. 

Computer-aided design (CAD) is an essential step in the design process.  Specifiers and interior designers coordinate with CAD engineers to draft custom frames that are scalable in both quantity and size. Durable materials and finishes enable designers to create stunning frames to place their content.  Metal frames give art a sleek contemporary look. Colored frames add a dimension of daring.  

Welding processes join the framing materials to ensure stability.


The craftsmanship found centuries ago in the studios of the masters is still alive in the fabrication studios of today. Knowledgeable craftsmen ensure the integrity of the frame.  CNC lasers and routers are employed for precision cuts. These machines can produce a one-off as effectively as repeated identical production.

After the CNC machine cuts, a more hands-on approach is incorporated using welding and grinding. This is where the sparks fly.  Welding processes join the framing materials to ensure stability.  After the welds, grinding techniques smooth and sculpt the design. The frame is now ready for the finishing process, but before that happens it must be pre-assembled.

Detail of a custom frame template.


Quality control best practices are incorporated during the frame’s pre-assembly. All fabricated pieces, joiners and fasteners, and templates are documented for instructional purposes.  The end goal of assembly process documentation is to give the frame installers the most informed instructions to aid in the installation.

Once the pre-assembled frame is approved, it is disassembled and prepared for finishing.  Powder coating offers the most superior finish for metal.  It provides a more durable finish than liquid paint while still providing an attractive look.  


Fabricating custom frames for specifiers and designers requires an understanding of the commercial interior design environment.  Once a client’s needs have been met and the project has been approved, crated, and shipped, the process now moves to the installation teams.  Providing a quality custom frame with clear documentation and precise installation templates is the key to success. This is important, as multiple projects are often occurring in the final design space.

Creative Edge Hospitality Art has a history of working with designers to meet their custom framing needs.  Our designs range from wall-mounted frames to standing frames and include security frames and multi-purpose frames.  We would be glad to discuss your next framing project with you.  Visit this link to get started.

Reed Sculpture

3 Opportunities Custom Art Fabrication Offers Designers

Designing authentic experiences for hospitality guests has its challenges.  Custom art fabrication helps interior designers and art specifiers meet those challenges.

Create a Unique Signature 

The hospitality industry is expecting formidable growth in the foreseeable future. Two major brands, Hilton and Marriott, have announced long-term commitments to new opportunities. 

“We’re in the Golden Age of travel, with a rapidly growing middle class,” Kevin Jacobs, Hilton’s Chief Financial Officer, told Yahoo Finance, “In the short-term it’ll ebb and flow based on economic cycles, but over the long-term the opportunity set is actually quite large.”

As custom art fabricators, Creative Edge Hospitality Art helps designers overcome creative challenges.  An inspiration concept is all it takes to begin the process.  Integrating logo designs, emblems, or custom shapes into custom art, room dividers, or decorative panels provides a unique signature not available off-the-shelf.  

Artistic lightbox, metal art light box, decorative wall artwork
The design theme of the entrance to the Daley at Shady Grove Metro reflects the spirit of a connected community. Included in the collection is a three panel lightbox relief of the D.C. Metro. Design firm: Kalisher

Fuse Design Elements

In addition to the new growth, major renovations continue in major cities from New York and Washington DC, to San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Renovations range from lobbies, event spaces, and guest rooms to bars, restaurants, and cafés.  

One advantage of working with a fabrication studio is the ability to create custom pieces that seamlessly blend elements in a space.  Renovations may retain existing architectural elements, colors, and patterns.  Custom tailored work provides the opportunity to fuse the old with the new.  

In this outdoor setting at Scramble, decorative fence panels transform the area into an enclosed dining space. Design Firm: Siri Procurement

Easily Scale Production

Interior designers and art specifiers often work with projects that scale.  Looking at two major brands again, we see that Hilton’s upcoming development pipeline alone counts 2,400 hotels throughout 103 countries while Marriott’s three-year growth plan includes opening more than 1,700 hotels around the world.3,4.  A fabrication studio that has the resources and experience to meet the demands of a large production pipeline is a necessity.

With large projects, you’ll need to ensure custom art fabrication will scale with the same precision to detail in every piece.  Select a design, fabrication, and finishing studio that can custom craft wall art, room dividers, and decorative panel designs on an individual level and produce dozens or hundreds of duplicate pieces.  

Four hundred pieces of custom geometric wall art were commissioned for the the guest rooms at the 4-star Hilton Norfolk The Main in Norfolk, Virginia. Design Firm: Kalisher

To sum it up, here are the top 3 opportunities that custom art fabrication offers interior designers and art specifiers to help meet design challenges.

  1. Create a Unique Signature – Integrate custom details into your work for exclusive designs.
  2. Fuse Design Elements – Use custom tailored work to blend a space together.
  3. Easily Scale Production – Produce dozens or hundreds of duplicate pieces from an original design.

Do you have a need for custom artwork for your project? Let Creative Edge Hospitality Art bring your vision to life.  We will consult with you from start to finish.  Contact us to get started on your next custom art project.

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